Paintings by Michael Workman

September 14th, 2009
We are very excited to be showing a few select pieces of Michael Workman's experimental abstract works.  october landscape Michael Workman, one of Utah's most well-known landscape artists,  describes himself as a "contemporary traditionalist".  The pendulum of this paradox swings more to the contemporary and abstract, and away from the traditional with the pieces he is showing with Mondo Fine Art.  autumn hillside with rainMichael's signature paintings are much more representational of the Utah landscapes that surround him - mountains, fields, horses, livestock, barns, and sleepy old towns.  These landscapes are all still present in these more abstract paintings, but are brought to life and into focus with color and texture. They hint to a horizon, or a mountain, or a season - but the interpretation of these pieces are much more felt than seen by representational clues. This work is about layers. In person, as you engage with the works, you see layer upon layer of paint - yet the work is completely smooth in surface.  The depth and dimension of this work is implemented with thought and skill. To see all of these featured works, please click HERE. We hope you enjoy these paintings. If you would like more information on any of these pieces, please contact us at