Mondo Art Project (MAP) is a program created by Mondo Fine Art to connect children around the world through the universal language of art. MAP gives children from all countries, cultures, and backgrounds a voice, by offering them a chance to share their stories.
MAP works by joining schools and other nonprofit organizations on humanitarian expeditions. Our volunteers coordinate art projects, such as murals and other community collaborations, to engage children and add an important cultural element to other crucial services provided by our partners. These projects spark dialogue and enrich experiences for visitors and locals alike.
MAP also facilitates art exchanges between children in different countries. We encourage children to make drawings, paintings, and collages, then we gather and deliver those works to children in other countries. Visual art has the power to convey emotions and ideas, creating meaningful connections while transcending language barriers.
With the help of our partners and donors, MAP has conducted successful trips to a number of countries, including Uganda, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, Kenya, Colombia, China, Ecuador, Mexico, and Vietnam.
“I loved seeing how invested everyone was in sharing their stories and passions through art.  We couldn’t connect through language, and we didn’t fully understand each other’s backgrounds, but we could all value what was expressed through drawings.”  –Megan, Student Participant, 2013 Youthlinc Guatemala Expedition "I've loved working with the Mondo Art Project, and seeing the human connections it creates. Children hold art pieces that were sent to them from children across the globe. They see connections & commonalities-- similar huts, smiling faces, flowers & families. They connect with their own stories, hopes & dreams, creating art for children in another part of the world. These connections make the world a more simple & sweet place." - Miriam Kramer, Youthlinc International Service Director