Mondo Art Project (MAP) would not be possible without our dedicated, nonprofit partners. These humanitarian groups help international communities meet basic needs, and they work with MAP to donate art supplies and facilitate art projects with children in those communities. Thank you to each of these amazing organizations! 


Youthlinc’s mission is to create lifetime humanitarians. Youthlinc invests in the service ethic of youth in order to foster individuals in our society who understand local and global needs, and who are deeply committed to work to relieve those needs through personal service, partnership, and good will. Click here to learn more about Youthlinc programs, including Service Year, Local Service Directory, Young Humanitarian Award, and Real Life in SLC.

“The Mondo Art Project has been able to connect refugee youth in South Salt Lake to the homes they left behind.  It has been incredible to watch the refugee youth get excited to share their stories with kids across the world and already have an understanding of what their life might be like, even if it is somewhere they have never been. It is a unique experience for them to receive art from other kids who are also from another part of the world.” – Julia Rametta, Youthlinc Local Service Director

“My favorite activity at Real Life was the Mondo Art Project. It was really great to create works of art with the refugee teens, knowing that our creations would be traveling around the world, many back to their home countries. Having the opportunity to participate in the project at home made it even better when I was able to recreate the same project with kids in Kenya. I love the communication and understanding that is conveyed through just one picture.” –Cameron, 2013 Real Life Participant

CHOICE Humanitarian

CHOICE Humanitarian – The Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Inter-Cultural Exchange – is a strategic, non-governmental agency (NGO) currently working in five countries: Kenya, Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico. CHOICE Humanitarian’s overriding goal is to end extreme poverty and improve quality of life through a bottom-up, self-developing, village-centered approach. With support from donors and partners, CHOICE Humanitarian connects motivated villages to resources and tools that allow villagers to change their lives. Learn more about CHOICE Humanitarian expeditions here.

Eagle-Condor Humanitarian

Eagle-Condor Humanitarian is bridging cultures to enrich the lives of children and families through opportunities for self-reliance. Eagle-Condor Humanitarian embraces a holistic and long-term approach to alleviate poverty. Eagle-Condor Humanitarian programs incorporate 4 Pillars of Self-Reliance: Education, Health/Nutrition, Infrastructure, and Business/Career Development. Visit the Eagle-Condor website to learn more about these programs and related expeditions.