C.A.N. Condensed

September 25th, 2013
This month will mark of the completion of "Artlantic" the seven-acre site placed on the ruins of the Sands Casino Hotel on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. "Artlantic", a series of public artworks supported by casino tax funds is part of governor Chris Christie's plan to revitalize the resort town. Organized by curator Lance Fung, "Artlantic" is not only an opportunity for public artwork but also for a beautiful public space. Art News On September 26th Reflections from Damaged Life, An Exhibition on Psychedelia opens at Raven Row in London. Exploring on the themes of psychedelic art, the exhibition will seek to redefine and question exactly what "psychedelic art" is and may be. The exhibition will show pieces in a myriad of historical and cultural contexts and feature pieces from the fifties all the way to present day. e-flux Black Beauty, an exhibition by American artist Lutz Bacher opens this week at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, marking the first major solo exhibition in the UK by the artist. Combining works made specifically for the ICA along with recent works, Bacher work's explores the concept of human identity through themes of gender, sexuality and body and will feature installations with film, sound, and sculpture. e-flux